At Contractors State License Preparation (CSLP) Inc., we regularly conduct live sessions to help individuals get started on their path to becoming a licensed contractor in California. We have conducted more than 400 seminars across California to date for both aspiring and experienced contractors.

Our live sessions help you understand everything about the contractor’s license process, such as the requirements for the license, the application process, and how best to prepare for the exam. These seminars also provide a snapshot of how CSLP Inc. can help you take the plunge into a full-time career as a construction contractor in California.

Signing up for our seminars will also help you connect with licensed instructors as well as fellow contractor aspirants. The lively environment will encourage you to think more about contracting as a viable and lucrative career option. In-depth Q & A sessions also follow the live presentations.

Keep visiting our website or follow our social media pages for dates, timings, and locations of upcoming seminars. You can always shoot us a message or give us a call, and our team will keep you informed on the latest events. In addition to this, you can always browse our YouTube channel to get an overview of what our seminars and classes look like.

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