CSLB Raising Fees in 2022

In News by CSLP Team

Attention contractors!! The CSLB will be implementing changes to their state fees starting 1/1/2022. This will affect all current and new contractors who are thinking about obtaining their license. The CSLB or the “CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE BOARD” will be increasing their fees across the board. If you’ve been thinking of obtaining your contractor’s license, there is no better time than now to sign up with a Contractors License School.

Everything we will be discussing is in regards to state fees only. These are fees the CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE BOARD charges for applications or changes. The CSLB has approved changes to the current price rates for numerous applications, including applications that also affect licensed contractors.

The application for an “Original Contractors License” has a current price rate of $330. This is the application that is sent when a contractor is ready to take their state exams. This fee will be increased to $450 starting January 1, 2022. That is a price increase of 36%. Unfortunately, many contractors are unaware of how to fill out this application, which results in applications being delayed or denied. These mistakes are often minimal or require follow up which results in the application becoming void. This is why Contractors State License Preparation offers application review and guidance to ensure applications are being done correctly. This helps streamline the process for applicants.

Additionally, the “Exam Waiver” application fee will also be increased from $330 to $450. This is the application that is used when someone with an existing license will be opening an additional entity (business) with the same license. This application will also be used if someone has passed the exams within the last 5 years but never activated their license, or deactivated their license for whatever reason.

Here are some recommendations from Contractors State License Preparation to pay the $330 as opposed to the $450.

1.) Applicants should send their applications latest the second week of December, preferably by December 6, 2021. This should provide enough time so the CSLB can receive and process your state application. Urgency is your friend right now, the sooner the better. 2.) Current students enrolled with CSLP, progression in your course is key. Every contractor has barriers, every contractor is busy, but making your course a priority is key. The faster you progress is better for you, and ultimately you will obtain your license quicker. 3.) Contractors who have not started the process at all, what are you waiting for? Looking at the current state of the economy, prices are always increasing not decreasing. 3 years ago the state fee was $300, years before that $200, it does not seem as if prices will be decreasing  anytime soon.

Unfortunately, we are not done yet. The CSLB has also increased fees that will affect licensed contractors as well. For example, the current fee to add an additional classification to an existing entity(Business) is $150. That will be increased to $230 starting January 1, 2022. Additionally, a salesperson registration fee will be increased from $83 to $200. Pocket license fees will be increased from $12 to $25. Expect to see these and more changes reflected on the CSLB website starting January 1, 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at www.cslpschools.com. The #1 Contractors License School!