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    At CSLP, our #1 priority is transparency. We advise our students how to study, and where to focus their attention to pass the state examinations. It’s very simple, if you don’t study you will fail. At Contractor’s State License Preparation we do not prepare failures, we have a community of students whose main goal is to obtain their license. Our key to success is simplicity. We simplify the process to obtain your license. We customize packages that are best for learning and retention.

What our students say about CSLP

I have tried to get my Contractors License for years now and I haven’t done it because I couldn’t find good, reliable help. When I applied with Contractos State License, they immediately made me feel like family. Luis Gonzalez has gone above and beyond for me. Claudia Gonzalez is always calling to make sure things are running smooth, reminds me of my appointments, and just reaches out to see how the whole process is going. She leaves no stone unturned. Great customer service on her part! If you’re trying to get your State License, I highly recommend Contractos State License. Hands down the best.

Carlitos T

I wanted to thank Luis for his classes, i am in the process of getting my license. I am learning so much. So many things I thought i knew about construction turns out were not by the law. I know my work but when you take his classes and he explains how the contracts work and the bids and estimates work i guarentee you will learn alot. im grateful because i lost alot of money in 1 job becuase i thought i knew everything and wasnt worried, but it was a blessing in disguise because it pushed me to get my license. I will tell you to talk to luis or this school its a great school and you will learn so much.

Antonio De Los Santos

I never write reviews, but I definitely think this is an exception when you get great customer service. I would definitely recommend using Contractors State License Preparation if you intent to get your state license as a contractor. Their service has been excellent and have always been available to help me with all of my questions. Luis has been very helpful and extremely patient with me during the process, even proving me with help with the state department and application, answering emails almost every day. They provided me with all the study materials and now I am preparing to take my exam. Totally worth your money!

djziggymix aguilar

I 100% recommend if your looking for your license call Luis right away. If you want someone that will guide you push and motivate you this is your instructor. I have 15 years of experience doing tile, I was thinking about getting my license 8 years ago ahahaha but what can I say I got busy. or at least that’s the excuse. Luis definitely didn’t let me get away with that but thanks to him I got my license. If you actually want your license got to commit and take that step if not your just gonna keep wanting all your life.

Jose Cortes

great skills and knowledge;very thankful I ran into this prep class, never really though I would keep going and passing my law and trade test since I wasn’t good at school or finding time with going to school and studying. Javier made it very easy to understand the law and helped out with what I was lacking on before my test with crash course test. after passing Javier also helped me out with paper work that was needed to get my company started. I highly recommend anyone that is wanting to grow themselves into a company to go for it and contact CSL prep.

Adrian S

Thank you so much. Words cant express how I feel this moment feeling so thankful. I choose this school. So much support with paperwork that had to be done. The education materials were excellent. I only had to come to class 1 time. I see someone post up there shopping for the better deal. I shopped for the Best School and I found it. I AM STRUCTURAL STEEL CONTRACTOR. THANKS YOU CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE PREPARATION.

Renee Thompson

My name is John. I just got my plumbing license. Thanks to Contractors License Prep. they help me out with all the information and the best part they work with my busy schedule. I took there weekend classes that help me out a whole lot. Thanks C.S.L.P!

John Flores

I want to thank the cslp workers very much. Many contractor schools promise you the license but never help you with the process like Luis or Teresa. With cslp I was able to get my gardener license thank God. I want to tell my people that it is possible to get your license even though you don’t speak much English. No more need to put effort and time. Thank you contractors state license prep.

Antonio Perez Parra

Very good school, well-trained instructions help you a lot and answer all your questions, if I recommend it…

Rafael Escamilla

Really good program, the instructor is very good at his job, explained​ everything very clearly and any questions that you have he stops and helps..office employees always nice and in a good mood..

Willis Villalpando

I have recomended friends and family and they are super grateful they went there, the help provided to get from point A to point Z is what helped them be successfull and pass the exam!

Florencia Favela

the schedules are very good, very qualified instructors, comfortable facilities, classes in Spanish 100% I recommend


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